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Dr. Andy with his lovely wife Dana and his three energetic boys, Cooper, Jackson, and Joshua.

Dr. Andy E. Luing

Dr. Andy Luing is the owner of Dynamic Family Chiropractic in Minnetonka Minnesota. Dr. Andy has been practicing in Minnetonka since 1996.  His unique treatment style includes chiropractic, soft tissue techniques, exercise and dietary instruction.  His extensive experience and anatomical knowledge comes not only from education, but also from his experience working with athletes as a personal trainer, helping them improve their health and performance.

Dr. Andy Is Passionate About Helping Families Get Healthy And Stay Healthy.  

His previous experience as a personal trainer gives him a unique perspective on the treatment and rehabilitation of a variety of conditions.  He has treated thousands of patients, with a wide variety of ailments, from the professional athlete to the colicky infant. The key to his success is that he absolutely loves his job and looks forward to helping patients every day.

Dr. Andy Was Previously A Championship Level Bodybuilder And Powerlifter. 

He has worked with professional athletes in his practice, but gets special joy from seeing regular people attain good health and adopt healthy lifestyles.  He is a  wellness coach as much as he is a chiropractic physician.

Dr. Andy Is An Avid Fisherman And Weight Trainer. 

When you don’t find Dr. Andy in the gym, you can find him chasing largemouth bass out on Lake Minnetonka.

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