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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage
Myths-of-Massage-TherapyTherapeutic massage is designed to realign the deep layers of muscles and connective tissues.  Therapeutic massage generally focuses on a specific injury or problem area.  Our massage therapists are specifically trained in rehabilitative massage to get you the relief you desire and to get you back to work, sports, or just enjoying life again. Post Injury Massage care is administered after a motor vehicle accident or other traumatic injury to correct soft tissue inflammation, trigger points, and scar tissue.    Your massage care may include multiple techniques like Deep Tissue massage, Trigger Point Massage, Range of Motion Stretching, Myofascial Release, Cross Friction Massage and Shiatsu Massage.

Wellness Care Massage
Regular massage has many great benefits including lowered blood pressure, increased immune system, reduction of harmful stress hormones, improved mood hormones, less pain, and improved relaxation and well being , just to name a few!  Imagine a life with no pain and an improved outlook.  While some may feel regular massage is indulgent, it is actually a vital part of a healthy and holistic lifestyle.  We offer monthly and bi-monthly packages for individuals or families  looking for regular massage care.

“Thank you for allowing me to sleep again!  After my auto accident I could not sleep due to the horrible pain in my back and neck, but after my last massage I slept like a baby!” ~ Sue H.

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