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Text Neck

Text Neck (“Tech Neck”)

teens texting neck pain mobile device injury
Text Neck’s primary cause
is texting on mobile devices.

One of the newest and most alarming injury that we are seeing in our practice is Text Neck or “Tech Neck.”  The Text Neck Institute defines the syndrome as an “overuse syndrome involving the head, neck, and shoulders, usually resulting from excessive strain on the spine from looking in a forward and downward position at any hand held mobile device like smart phones, ipads, and even e-readers.  This can cause headaches, neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, breathing compromise, and much more.”

Symptoms of Text Neck

There is some evidence that children who are exposed to these devices will have increased incidence of neck pain, shoulder and arm pain and headaches.  Furthermore there may be earlier degenerative changes in the neck from being in such an abnormal flexed position for much of the day.  People who use these devices should be instructed to hold the device up so that the head has less than a 10 degree tilt forward and that breaks are taken every 30 minutes.

The loss of curve in your neck and the forward head posture it causes can create an extra 30-60 pounds of stress on the neck and can have the following effects:spine-texting

  • Lung Capacity/Volume
  • Nerve Damage
  • Gastrointestinal Problems
  • Disc Herniation
  • Poor Posture
  • Spinal Degeneration
  • Early Onset Arthritis

If you feel that you or  your child is having symptoms associated with Text Neck do not wait, consult with our office immediately to correct this issue and to come up with  strategies to prevent future problems.

“For every inch of forward head posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds.”  ~ Kapandji, Physiology of Joints, Vol 3.

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